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Polish guest house in Georgia invites all tourists from entire world. Georgia is beautiful country with many place to see. Georgians are very friendly and happy to help.
Our house in Sighnaghi offers guest’s rooms for tourists. Each room has a bathroom. We offer also breakfasts and dinners (on demand).
Prices start from 20$ for one person. House is placed in Sighnaghi downtown called little Toscana.
See our website and contact us in case of any questions. Feel free to ask any questions.

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Tours around Georgia

We organise one day long trips to Kakheti and few days long tours around Georgia.
We are taking into consideration groups suggestions and adjust route and speed of traveling according to groups wishes. We provide driver and a car. Driver is available during entire tour.
Tour also includes taking part in real geargian supra, during which tamada proposes the toasts, and tables are full of georgian dishes, wines and Chacha. Georgians will sing fold-songs which are going make supra even better.
Price depends on the duration and a route of a tour and is determined for each group individually. Multi-day tours are organized for groups of at least 6 people.
The price of a multi-day tour include accommodation with breakfast, entrance tickets, transfers to and from the airport and a car with a driver at your disposal.


Georgia is famous for it's delicious wine. It is created in private wineries and in big factories. Home made wine is only made from grapes. It doesn't contain any sugar or yeast.
Kakheti is a region in Georgia where grapes grow especially well and the wine made from them has an amazing taste and aroma.
Grape harvesting is not just hard work, but it is also great fun. Entire families and neighborhoods sing during the harvest while having a glass of chacha from time to time.
When all the grapes are gathered everybody goes to the hosts winery who is preparing supra for that occasion. Tables bend from the amount of georgians delicacies. Skewers are a mandatory dish and they are always prepared by the hosts.
In the atmosphere of great fun and with the tables full of food people are drinking wine and chacha. Guests sing and dance to the Georgian music. You can smell the smoke from the grate on which the skewers are made and hosts will always makes sure that all the plates are full.
We invite you to the vintage in Georgia, for the real feelings that are associated with the grape harvest, for a party, which for Georgians is a typical autumn day but for the tourists it is an opportunity to see georgian’s tradition.
We want to invite you to Sighnaghi for a party associated with a grape harvest. Due to the high interest please book in advance.


Peter's Guest House

Piotr and Celina Wasilewski

Pirosmani 2, Sighnaghi, Georgia

Telephone number in Georgia +995 599 22 19 63

Access: bus from Tbilisi located next to bus station, next to Samgori underground station.